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production services

manufacturing & production

Our bespoke and artisan approach is what makes us unique. We design handcrafted skincare that has been through optimum 
quality control systems, producing excellent quality skincare we are proud of.
While we specialise in small batch production, we also have the capability to manufacture in large quantities while retaining the
 exceptional quality you should expect from our company.
We offer the complete process including packing, final inkjet of batch codes and expiry dates , and carton packing for dispatch.

research & development

As exciting new ingredients are sourced and researched, our technical design and manufacturing team are regularly up skilled with new techniques to ensure that ingredients are suitable for your personally designed formulation. This is an aspect we take very seriously, to ensure our clients are getting the latest and most innovative, or tried and true ingredients to choose from.

PH Testing Skincream ingredients

formulation design

Whether it’s adjusting your existing formulation or designing a completely new product or range, you can rely on our product development team to make your concept a reality.
We work closely with you to include you in the design process to make sure you get the finished product you are wanting, with ingredients you are happy with.
We only produce products that we are proud of.  


initial production options

After we have expanded and developed your ideas we can design small trial batches for you to sample. This will give you the added confidence of knowing what you are receiving. We have start-up options to suit everyone, from a basic package to a deluxe version. We tailor our serves to meet your own individual needs and requirements.

packaging & design

We can introduce you to a great network of design and packaging solution experts to help guide you towards choosing the perfect logo, pot, tube, box or bottle to match your product and brand.
We offer the complete process:
*Batch codes, expiry dates (Inkjet printing).
*Shrink wrapping.
*Boxed ready for distribution (popular option).