Designer Skincare NZ | Regulatory Services

regulatory services

Specification sheets, documents

documentation support

We provide extensive and thorough data and technical support such as:
*Ingredient listings.
*(INCI) names for all ingredients.
*Finished product specifications sheets.
*Help with  documentation. 
*Data on raw materials, COA, Safety Data Sheets.

quality control

Quality control is extremely important to us. From the moment every ingredient enters the factory with all its corresponding paperwork, to the moment the finished product leaves the factory, continuous quality control monitoring and strict codes of protocol are adhered too, to ensure no quality is ever at risk. We are assessed and audited annually to check our adherence to rigid guidelines set by government bodies and certifiers and we have a registered RMP (risk management programme).
Retention samples of all finished products are kept from every batch, all batches have full trace-ability through batch numbers. We preform microbiological testing on all products we also preform preservative efficacy testing (PET). Complete pH testing is carried out on all products during and after production. All finished products undergo stringent testing procedures to ensure product shelf life.

Viewing product under microscope