Designer Skincare NZ | Frequently Asked Questions




A good product brief is essential for any new product designs.
Every company has their very own unique story. Their own story that makes them different from everyone else out there in the market. We are here to help you achieve this. If you do not have a formula but require research and development we will request a full written brief, along with a signed Confidentiality Agreement.

When our formulation chemist selects ingredients, they are guided by your unique needs and wants for the finished product. Your choice of ingredients can be vast and varied while still being driven by performance within your budget. Designer Skincare NZ Ltd will provide a quote to research and develop each formula. A signed agreement will confirm that these are made solely for your use only.

We can develop a wide range of products such as:

- Certified Natural Skin Care
- Body Care Products
- Baby Care Products
- Massage Oils
- Anti-ageing Products
- Masks
- Lightening Creams
- Remedial Creams
- Lip Balms
- Scrubs
- Bath Oils
- Shampoo and Conditioners
-Hand/Body Wash
- Cleansers
- Soap
- Animal/Pet Care

Confidentiality agreements are required to be signed by both parties. Designer Skincare NZ will require a formula and an accurate, ‘method of manufacture’ for the formula.
In the event that the product is currently being manufactured for you, we will ask if you are happy to provide the name of your preferred supplier so that we can source the ingredients for your product/s.
PLEASE NOTE: An ingredient list is not a formula. Research and development fees apply when only an ingredient list is provided.

Once a formula has been approved, you will be asked to provide your pack size, as well as your batch size. Quotation can take approximately two to three weeks.
When providing a quotation, Designer Skincare NZ will also quote on the costs involved for any extra testing you wish to have done.

Great! We are more than happy to work with you if you wish to supply your own ingredients.

We understand that time is paramount to our clients and never promise a dispatch date we can’t deliver.
For first time orders, raw materials, plus packaging usually has a 12-week turnaround.
For existing orders that are in our production schedule, turnaround is approximately 6 weeks.

Before any work is to be started we require a 50% deposit. This applies with both the start-up samples and the first initial order. The balance of payment is due prior to dispatch.

Submit an email introducing yourself and your company or brand.